If you are considering marketing your property for sale this summer, make sure that you present the outside space as well as you do the inside to maximise the value of your home.

We're delighted to be working with luxury home developers, Amara Property, on the sale of Alto; an exclusive development of just four, four-bedroom semi-detached luxury homes on Hampermill Lane in Watford.

Do you have a property similar to the below? We're delighted to have agreed sales on these 3 homes within just a couple of weeks of marketing after receiving lots of interest. If you have a similar property and are considering selling, please get in touch. We are seeking properties for qualified buyers who have missed out on the below.

Are you looking to buy a new property? Don't make any offers until you have the answers to these crucial questions.

Our homes are our castles, and we like nothing more than styling and personalising them to our own tastes. DIY is a huge business in the UK, and almost all of us have an ongoing project, improving or changing some aspect of our home, changing wallpaper, paint colours, or maybe even tiles and flooring. But how much could this DIY obsession affect the value of our home?

If 99% of property searchers start their search for their dream home online, should you be impressed by the brochure that an agent tells you they will create?

Man's best friend is great, but it is not always the best when you are trying to sell your home. Here are some helpful tips to consider.

When marketing a property for sale, the key is ensuring it reaches a broader audience to find the perfect buyer. The ideal solution is for the exposure of your property marketing to be comprehensive and wide enough to ensure that the maximum number of potential buyers can be found, resulting in a higher level of demand and, therefore, a higher value. This will lead to more viewings, offers, and higher sale prices - what every seller seeks.

Most of us do not think about our credit scores too often. We happily meander through life without giving it a second thought until we make a large purchase. Something that means we need to apply for finance of some kind, and it slowly dawns on us that we really should know our credit score. Whether it's for a credit card, car finance, or a mortgage, it all rests on that little credit score that you have, until this point, completely ignored.

Once you have a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, what else do large properties use their rooms for?? There comes a point when you run out of names for them all! Luxury properties will often have 'extra' rooms, over and above those that you would expect, and often it is these additional rooms that make us feel that a property is that little bit 'extra', setting it apart from the norm.

When marketing a property for rent, the biggest concerns for most landlords are usually the amount of rent they can earn from the property and the speed they can get a tenant moved in. If the property appeals to the target tenant, it will likely rent quickly and for a good price. If the property is not attracting the attention in the market you'd hoped, perhaps there's something that you could change to entice a tenant?

With energy costs currently so high, there’s all the more reason to explore a new build as your new home. As a result of modern building techniques, materials used in construction and the appliances used, new builds are much more energy efficient than older properties.