Among the emotion and turmoil involved in buying and selling a property, finding a property you've fallen in love with, only to make an offer and have it rejected, is heartbreaking. What can you do? Do you have to walk away from the house of your dreams?

What should you do to ensure your property is safe whilst it is empty through the winter months?

Interior design trends change year on year, much like fashion trends. Taking inspiration from all different cultures from all over the world. Looking at trends from years gone by to create our spaces. What are the new emerging trends for our homes for 2023?

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If you're trying to sell your home, you might wonder what to do around Christmas time. Should you take it off the market for a month or so? Or try to juggle the viewing appointments around your other commitments?

Nativity plays, shopping, present wrapping, and staff parties. It's all go in the run-up to Christmas. There is so much going on at this time of year. Preparing for viewings on your property, on top of everything else, could be enough to send you over the edge!

How much time does it actually take to buy a property? Viewings, mortgages, solicitors - it all takes time.

The average seller spends years deliberating about selling their home. With all of that time spent researching, many sellers will already know which estate agent they will use when ready to market their home. So, how have they made this decision?

As the clocks change and the darkness comes earlier each night, many pet owners begin to feel anxious about the fireworks at the start of November. Read these top tips to keep your pets calm and happy.

A tenant requesting to leave before the end of the tenancy can cause all kinds of stress. In this article we will share some suggestions of what can be done in this situation.

If you're a landlord or thinking of investing in property, you may have come across the term yield before. But what does it actually mean?

Viewings are an essential part of selling your home. This article will give you some top tips to get those offers flying in!