A tenant requesting to leave before the end of the tenancy can cause all kinds of stress. In this article we will share some suggestions of what can be done in this situation.

As the clocks change and the darkness comes earlier each night, many pet owners begin to feel anxious about the fireworks at the start of November. Read these top tips to keep your pets calm and happy.

We watch all the TV shows about renovations and self-builds, lapping it up. We critique their interior design ideas and landscaped gardens. We watch people make mistakes and go vastly over budget. But still, the end result is usually marvellous. A labour of love to cherish - a forever home.

Phil Spencer, of Location, Location, Location fame says that this little trick can increase the value of your home instantly!

We've all been there. You apply for a credit card or a loan, and they start to process the application. Your heart rate rises just a touch. And then, after what feels like an age, the application passes. Or it doesn't.

We spend lots of our time outdoors during Summer, so when staging a home for sale during the warmer months, it's time to let your outside space sing.

Homeownership is something that the majority of people in the UK strive for. The average age of first-time buyers in the UK in 2007 was 30. But, by the end of 2017, that had risen to 33. With rising house prices, how is the average person in the UK expected to get on the housing ladder?

Letting agents are a lot like banks. Once a landlord has signed up with an agent, they often don't change; it's too much hassle. But this can mean that many landlords are tied to an agent they're unhappy with. This isn't really good enough, is it?

You may have heard of the minimalism movement. You might have even watched the Netflix documentary. But for those of you that have no idea what it's about, read on for a general explanation.

If you've been searching for property recently, you may have noticed the property listings now have to note the tenure. Here we will explain the different tenures and what they mean to a buyer and property owner.

You'll only look at the title deeds for a property in detail when you're either buying a new property or trying to sell one. Most of the time, the deeds are in the loft in a box of important documents or filed away somewhere safe. You're given them by the solicitor, but at that moment, you only want to get moved in, don't you?

With uncertainty in the property market and, quite frankly, the world, you, like many people, may have decided that you'll not move house just now. But you must've had reasons for thinking about moving in the first place, right? What if you need more space? what is involved in extending your home? Where do you even start?